Bach LT190L1B

No other brand evokes more passion, loyalty, and respect than Bach Stradivarius. Exceptional tonal color, balanced response, and superb projection are the hallmarks of designs by Vincent Bach.

antimicrobial badge
The Bach LT190L1B features our antimicrobial lacquer to give this instrument a natural barrier to bateria and deactivates viruses.


  • "Stradivarius" - 190 Series - Key of B♭key of Bb
  • .462" L bore
  • standard weight body
  • lightweight one-piece hand-hammered #1 bronze bell with 5" French-style bell rim
  • two-piece valve construction with brass valves and bronze ballusters
  • standard construction modified #43 leadpipe
  • Monel pistons
  • 1st slide thumb ring
  • lightweight brass outer and lightweight nickel-silver inner valve slide tubes
  • forward facing 2nd valve slide
  • crescent-shaped valve pul knobs
  • two main tuning slides standard - "D" shape and single radius
  • clear lacquer finish.
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