King 1130SP

With its .562" bore and 11" bell, the 1130SP euphonium HYBRID is a cutting edge ergonomically designed instrument that gives performers the size, balance, and comfort needed to meet the extreme visual demands of today’s premiere marching ensembles. It combines the sound and response of a concert euphonium with the size and balance of a marching baritone.

The 1130SP has the rich, warm sound of a euphonium in the mid-to-low register while also creating the intense responsive sound of a baritone in the mid-to-high register. This creates a unique voice similar to a concert euphonium. Nickel-plated pistons provide smooth, quick action, and unmatched durability. The heavy-duty marching case is designed to be stackable to minimize space requirements.

  • Hybrid Euphonium
  • Key of B♭Bb
  • .562" Bore
  • 11" Bell
  • Graduated Tuning Guide Technology
  • Balanced Design
  • Nickel Plated Pistons
  • Silver Plate Finish
  • Keu Mouthpiece
  • 7730 Csb Plastic Shell Case

** Also available in lacquer as the King 1130

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