Selmer 132

Fueled by passion and dedication to musicians the world over, Selmer has been making the highest quality woodwind instrument in the world. Selmer continues to be the leader in woodwind design and innovation thanks to their ongoing commitment to quality and innovation. For better first notes, for better practice sessions, for better rehearsals, for better performances, you don’t just need an instrument, you need a Selmer.

The Selmer model 132 bassoon an ideal intermediate bassoon for students to step-up to. It features a 100% maple body with rubber lined wing and boot joints to prevent cracking. The Heckel key system is made from heavy, drop forged nickel-silver and has plenty of extra for the developing bassoonist.

  • Beautiful Tone
  • Durable Keywork
  • Two Bocals


  • Maple body
  • Nickel Silver Keywork
  • Heckel System
  • High D key
  • F♯ Trill
  • Large Ring A and C♯-D♯ Trills
  • Rollers for C♯-D♯ and F-A♭
  • Kid Leather Pads
  • Rubber Lined Wing and Boot Joint to Prevent Cracking
  • Two Bocals
  • Durable Wood Case
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