Z3 Pro Tablet Stand

Z3 Pro Tablet Stand

A fully adjustable tablet stand (for the iPad Pro 12.9”), that can be folded completely flat in 3 simple steps, to a size no bigger than the base. The Z3 Pro Tablet Stand uses friction lock technology to automatically hold the stand at the desired height of the musician. It does this with no knobs, no finger traps, and no hassle. Making this the ultimate travelling tablet stand for both individual musicians, touring groups, and orchestras.


Z3 Pro Tablet Stand Face

Musicians can view their iPad in either portrait or landscape orientation by simply rotating the head of the stand. The straight-forward design, ensures that the tablet can be moved securely, without any finger traps.

Z3 Pro Tablet Stand Back Bolt

A single knob located on the rear of the Z3 Stand head allows the musician to easily secure or release their tablet from the stand.

Z3 Pro Tablet Stand Stem

The anodised aluminum stem is very strong and rigid, ensuring that the stand will not sway. Friction locks will automatically hold the tablet at the desired height and angle, without the requirement of adjusting any thumb screws or levers.

Z3 Pro Tablet Stand Base

Die cast aluminum legs give this stand enormous strength whilst maintaining a low weight. Rubber feet preserve the floor and prevent clatter if the stand is knocked.

Z3 Pro Tablet Stand Flattened

As a result of its unique design, the Z3 stand can fold completely flat in three simple moves. There are no finger traps or screws to fiddle with or lose. The Z3 Pro Tablet Stand is compatible with the RATstands Gig Bag.

Z3 Pro Tablet Stand Reversed

The base of the Z3 Stand can be reversed so that it can be placed closely to the player or chair in front, without compromising on stability.


A folding tablet stand, compatible with the iPad Pro 12.9”. Stands can be folded flat to the size of the base, without the requirement of dismantling, or any adjusting screws or levers. Telescopic stem made from anodised aluminum. Base comprises of die cast aluminum legs with an epoxy coating,and rubber feet. Lever free locks for stand height and angle of the head fixture. Rotating gripper arms permit musician to view iPad in portrait or landscape orientation.

Structural PartsAluminum
CoatingAnodised Aluminum
Gripper arm width (minimum-maximum)210-226mm [8.3-8.9in]
Maximum depth of gripper arm lip13mm [0.5in]
Lowest height to bottom of head fixture380mm [15in]
Tallest height to bottom of head fixture1155mm [47.5in]
Nesting pitch120mm [4.7in]
Floor occupied by 20 stands2673 x 504mm [105.2 x 19.8in]
Weight1.5kg [3.3lbs]