Apollo LED Clip Light

Apollo LED Clip Light

The Apollo Clip LED Light showcases the meaning behind the RATstands Tempo Range. Professional quality products that can be used by musicians of any level and ability. This cost-effective music stand lamp, allows musicians to achieve the perfect level of lighting for their performances.


Apollo LED Bulbs

A strip of 18 high quality LED’s, with a color temperature of 3000K, provides light which is relaxing for the musician.

Apollo LED Clip Light Head

Very slim housing ensures that the lamp does not obstruct the musicians’ view of the conductor.

Apollo LED Clip Light Clip

The Apollo Light has a powerful spring clip, which can be fitted to almost any make of music stand. The steel construction enables the clip to be very slender on the music side of the tray, preventing it from interfering with the score.

Apollo LED Clip Light PSU

The plug top PSU enables a single Apollo light to be powered from the mains at full brightness. It comes with interchangeable mains pins for USA, UK, Europe, and Australia. It is included when the light is purchased with the carry case, and is also available separately.

Apollo LED Clip Light DMX Mains

The DMX PSU enables up to 24 Apollo lights to be powered from the mains and dimmed under DMX control. Lights are connected to the PSU by 3 bud chains, each connecting 8 lights. Each bud chain can be dimmed independently. The bud chain plugs have a twist lock which prevents accidental disconnection.

Apollo LED Clip Light

A carry case (supplied when purchased individually with the plug top PSU), provides safe and easy transportation, or storage, for the Apollo Light.


Universal music stand light with powerful spring clip. Slim aluminum housing, 16mm thick, containing eighteen LEDs with a color temperature of 3000K. PSU to power 24 lights in 3 separate zones controlled by DMX. Power leads with twist locks to prevent accidental disconnection.

Structural PartsSteel
Lamp HousingAluminum
Profile of lamp as seen by user: thickness0.6 in (16mm)
Profile of lamp as seen by user: width13 in (330mm)
Rotation of lamp housingAs permitted by the gooseneck
Cable length (from clip, fully stretched)16.4 ft (5m)
Weight1.3 lbs (0.6kg)
Optical Characteristics
Color temperature3000K
CRI80 min
Life of LEDs to 70% of initial output (L70)50,000 hrs
Luminous flux from LEDs300 Im
Electrical Characteristics
SELV (Safety extra low voltage)YES
Operating voltage24V
Electrical power consumption4.3W
Circuit luminous efficacy70 lm/W
Physical Characteristics
Cable typeStraight cable with PVC outer sheath
Electrical connector typeDC Plug