Jonathan Pugh

Jonathan Pugh

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Jonathan Pugh has been a Conn-Selmer trumpet and cornet recording artist and clinician since 1982. After graduation, he was sought after by legendary jazz saxophonist Don Lanphere. Under Lanphere’s guidance, he ultimately became his featured soloist for 30 years. He has recorded multiple solo albums as the Jon Pugh trio and as the featured soloist on many Lanphere recordings for Hep Jazz Records.

Jonathan also had the honor of meeting and studying with the “King of Brass” - Claude Gordon for a time as well. He taught as an award-winning Junior High Jazz and Band director for 25 years and currently performs all over the greater Seattle area. He is a highly sought-after public speaker and well-known for his talks on improvisation and how it not only relates to music, but to daily life. Jon is also a Bach Artist.

Clinic Topics:

"Four Keys to Help You Always Perform Your Best”
Learn great ways to help you prepare for your best MENTAL, PHYSICAL, TECHNICAL, and EMOTIONAL performances all the time. Jon has the perfect balance of performing and speaking about this most important topic for all musicians at every level.

"The Joy of Being a Musician”
Packed with live music, comedy, and storytelling - each student will be engaged in learning how amazing it is to play an instrument. This brief 30-minute presentation will expose kids to the joy that comes from being a musician. Come see and hear how music can change your life!
(All School Assemblies - Grades K-6)

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